Click to enlargepadThe Rice Diet Solution (Hardcover)

Turning out success stories since 1939, The Rice Diet Program is the original, most effective diet to use nutrition as the primary mode of weight loss and disease reversal.

Here s how it works. The Rice Diet strictly limits salt and sodium-rich ingredients. Salt, like refined sugar, is an appetite stimulant, so when you reduce salt intake, you lose water weight and are less inclined to overeat. The Rice Diet also limits saturated fats and instead relies on carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans) as the main source of nutrition. The fiber cleanses your system and satisfies you so you feel full quickly.

The Rice Diet Solution:

Explains how the program works integrating nutrition, exercise, meditation, yoga and jounalizing Inspires with participant testimonials that describe how the physical, emotional, and spiritual program has changed the way they live and given them new vitality, energy and longevity Helps you examine root causes of health issues and empowers you to create the life you really desire Includes more than a hundred recipes to inspire results.

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